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Did you hear the one about 4 Yorkshiremen walking into a bar in Sydney?

And the barman says: we don’t have a Yorkshire Pale.

That’s no joke, that’s what happened. So, we decided to make our own - and name it after our hometown, Banner Cross in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

After all, we had made Australia our new home. Living in Sydney we were in paradise, but one thing was missing: an A-grade Yorkshire Pale. One made with real beer making know-how. Tha Knows, as we say in Yorkshire.

Lucky for us, one of our Dad’s had developed a recipe back home, after being fed up with beer only being mass produced by the big players. His recipe went down well with locals, literally, so he opened a microbrewery.

It’s pretty much all we drank, often hooking up a keg in our living room and throwing all-night parties that upset our neighbours (unless they were invited).

5 years later, it was time for a change, so we all booked flights to Australia. The similarities we found with home were endless: from the music, to our sporting culture - and that attitude to give something a go even when doomsayers say you can’t.

We knew only one thing could make life here even better. A genuine Yorkshire beer.

One that doesn’t trick you into thinking its brewed in small batches. Or assaults your taste buds with a freight-train of hops. A no-bullshit beer that’s always there for you at a gig, or to cry into at a below par sporting performance. One made from the highest quality ingredients, but never shouts for attention.

Banner Cross has taken the best of Yorkshire and adapted it for our mates in Australia.
Cheers for making us feel at home.

tha knows